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Water-based plastic printing ink bubble how to solve

by:Sinograce Chemical     2021-01-28
In the process of plastic film printing, water-based ink plastic produces bubbles how to solve? First of all, let's learn about what reasons lead to the generation of air bubbles, can suit the remedy to the case to solve the problem. If you are using water-based plastic printing ink viscosity is too large is likely to lead to produce bubbles; And ink tank or loop device have defects lead to flow state is bad, in the use of ink, the ink pump circulation, plastic printing ink from the ink tank flow in the circular barrel, due to the gap and the plate cylinder in the operation of high speed stirring effect, also began to form in ink bubble; To add defoaming agent, defoaming agent excess can produce adverse effect of ink properties, it will cause bubbles. Can be adjusted according to the above causes of bubble, good printing ink viscosity and printing equipment, such as the need to add defoaming agent had better not exceed 0. 2%. Also can replace the stable quality of water-based plastic ink supplier, to ensure the quality of printing quality and improve production efficiency. In CARDS, plastic ink is special for PE, BOPP, PVC, PET, PO plastic material and design, such as excellent flow flat color, low viscosity, high content, high resolution, full color, fast drying, good adhesion and abrasion scrape resistance, waterproof after printing ink and stable features, welcome to inquire!
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