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Water-based plastic printing ink concave turn soft small text, fine lines should handle this

by:Sinograce Chemical     2021-01-28
Throughout the rush under the potential of environmental protection, flexible packaging factory gradually oily ink to switch to environmentally friendly water-based plastic printing ink. Flexible packaging are commonly use gravure and flexo printing way, such as wanted to concave soft small text on the printed flexible packaging, fine lines and bar code of the following points should be paid attention to. 吗? 1, intaglio printing flexible packaging small Yang words should be bold 0. 01 mm, need to do some small Yin word stroke receive fine, while the barcode to 0. 02 ~ 0. About 3 mm. If to flexo printing technology, processing methods, in contrast to the gravure, the reason is that in order to prevent fine article Yang and Yang coarsen character strokes expansion, fine small Yin Yin line and paste words and together. 2, to increase the bar code read level, can use different color, fine degree and the proportion of the bar code, in combination with the number of different line anilox roll to test, can determine flexo process under the optimal process the data. Grace in which of the following is a water-based plastic printing ink manufacturers to provide data for your reference: scaling of bar code, it is better to 90% ~ 110% or so safe ullage for right and left 4 mm 3 mm, receive fine 0. 7 ~ 0. 1 mm, suitable to use 500 ~ 800 line/inch anilox roll printing, color is given priority to with black, dark blue. Fine lines, if use 1016 line/inch anilox roll ( BCM value is 2. 0) Printing, can get the width of 0. 018 mm of Yang line and 0. Yin line of 053 mm. In water-based plastic printing ink used imported raw materials manufacturing, mature technology, after printing adhesion, environmental non-toxic, bright color, fine abrasion resistance to blow, waterproof, ink, stable performance, flexible packaging after small text, bar code printing high-definition, suitable for gravure and flexo printing all kinds of plastic materials.
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