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Water-based plastic printing ink film adhesion test after 5

by:Sinograce Chemical     2021-01-27
How to after the water-based plastic printing ink film on adhesion test, take a look at the following five recruit, simple and quick printing quality after drying can be tested at once. 1, first of all, the thumb nail a certain pressure, after printing and dry the plastic material on the ink scraping repeatedly, if the ink layer falls off the printing ink adhesion is not ideal. 2, uniform common use glue stick to the printing and dry membrane material, using finger pressure on the back of the tape over the cement, and then use hand grasp the ends of the tape at a moderate speed, observation of water-based ink was sticky tape. Suggests that as long as there is no sticky tape to the ink, plastic ink adhesion is very good on this kind of substrates. 3, the two pieces of membrane material sample you printed in the printing surface relative stacked together, 2 - 4 pounds of pressure and friction, scratch or ink off suggests that ink adhesion is poor. 4, the method is similar to the dry frictional resistance test, just in the middle of the two pieces of printed membrane material sample need to add a little water. 5, on the printed membrane material sample drops on alkaline detergent, 15 seconds with a clean soft cloth or paper towel or clean soft cloth to clean, then wipe with medium pressure, the printing graphic part without any changes show that water-based plastic printing ink adhesion is very good. Luke brand plastic ink is made of imported raw materials, many years of experience in production technology mature, completely solved the problem after the plastic film printing adhesion. Suitable for LDPE, HDPE, OPP. PET, PVC, PP plastic film printing, etc.
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