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Water-based resin in Bridges, buildings and other factory outside coating process and characteristics

by:Sinograce Chemical     2020-07-04
Water wall resin is widely used in the field of civil construction, building in water-based resin manufacturer is mostly used in concrete structure, due to the buildings have been built, building water-based exterior resin coating process are relatively independent, small impact on other assignments, so can pass water construction period, avoid in adverse environment, especially in the winter construction, so as to ensure the quality of coating. Bridges, sports venues, such as civil construction steel structure engineering painting mostly in infrastructure construction, crossover operation is complex, the time schedule arrangement is tight, each process will affect the other engineering project time node, causing the whole project delay. So, it is hard to avoid in the coating construction work under adverse environment. And Bridges and other large-scale projects often located in rivers and lakes, humidity, climate is complicated, and in order to guarantee the construction period, winter construction are recurring events. Previous solvent resin due to environmental adaptability is strong, can just by the curing agent adjustment process in winter construction. But engineering itself characteristics of water-based resin lead to its adaptability to the environment is poor, so only a small amount of concrete projects at home and abroad, with acrylic resin coating. Such as the pearl of Hong Kong and Macao bridge qingzhou channel bridge concrete is used in the main tower, the three gorges dam water transparent fluorocarbon coating system for coating. And steel structure for water-based resin anticorrosion performance requirements higher, large steel structure buildings rarely successful supporting system engineering with acrylic resin coating case, only xihoumen steel box girder lining the mouth of the Yangtze river bridge, temple maintenance these anchor chamber temperature and humidity control easily closed environment of water-based industrial resin used in the case of steel structure ( No water is extremely rich zinc resin with the solvent resin used in steel structure engineering some cases) 。 Due to environmental conditions do not provide factory process measures, such as heating engineering water-based resin coating process and the traditional solvent-based resin coating process, as follows: the environment temperature and humidity monitoring & rarr; ( Base material surface treatment) → Precoating & rarr; ( Bottom paint coating) → Flow flat & rarr; Natural drying & rarr; ( Intermediate paint coating) → Flow flat & rarr; Natural drying & rarr; ( The paint coating) → Flow flat & rarr; Natural drying & rarr; Resin online repair & rarr; Natural drying & rarr; Completion inspection. Manufacturer of high molecular injectivity resin, existing problems and the matters needing attention: ( 1) Is big, the surface tension of the water pollution make the coating produces shrinkage. And outdoor construction is difficult to control pollution, material surface cleanliness can not meet the requirements, can make the coating finish of the coating. Many defects. ( 2) Water-based resin dispersion stability against strong mechanical force, rapid changes in flow velocity within the pipeline, the dispersed particles are compressed into solid particles, make the film produces pitting. Factory waterborne coating production line pipeline and spray gun position relatively fixed and easy maintenance, and engineering with a small spray equipment for large and efficient construction, often need to the position of a wide range of spray gun and pipeline, pipeline shape variability and transporting length change is big, it can also cause coating defects. ( 3) Outdoor construction environment is difficult to control, uneven formula design is unreasonable, poor ventilation, temperature, dilution ratio is too large, could lead to waterborne industrial resin film on the surface after construction produce pinhole, shrinkage cavity, sagging and flash rust and other defects.
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