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Water-borne binder use defoaming agent industry solution defoaming agent

by:Sinograce Chemical     2021-01-18
Product features: in the paint industry, water-based latex paint bubble problem is the most significant, in order to reduce the interfacial tension on the surface of the water and besmear to brush, products typically join a percentage of the surfactants, such as wetting agent, dispersing agent, levelling agent, they are also stimulates foam products and stability. The process have the varying degree change system free energy, help to bubble. Water-based adhesives with defoamer dosage is not big, but the effect is obvious. For water and the coating foaming phenomenon, mineral oils, alcohols, such as lipid classes can be a very good diffusivity, reduce the surface tension, good defoaming agent. Defoaming agent to join generally divided into two steps, one is the grinding stage, namely to join in the process of raw materials to adjust scattered, 2 it is in the stage of canned join defoaming agent, a defoaming agent mainly on bubble at the moment, it bubbles could suppress the construction phase. ( 1) : water-based adhesives with elimination agent: applied to manufacturing, polyvinyl acetate adhesives, the casein, dextrin, acrylic acid, natural and synthetic latex ( Latex) And glue, high viscosity, gel white milk, glue, EVA emulsion, emulsion polymerization, latex, dilute acid milk, adhesive, white latex, starch glue, polyvinyl alcohol emulsion, used in the defoaming and inhibit. All kinds of emulsion, dilute acid resin, adhesive, white latex, carbomer, although sejiang, emulsion polymerization, waterproof coating, printing, composite emulsion. Features: widely used in the manufacturing process of all kinds of adhesive used for adhesive system efficiency defoaming agent, has the extremely easily dispersed, the characteristics of easy to use. In a wide range of pH and temperature have the fast defoaming effect and inhibit function, can quickly eliminate the bubbles, and be able to prevent the foam regeneration effect. In all kinds of emulsion with fine bubble elimination ability is strong, fast break the bubble and bubble long suppression does not return, eliminated all kinds of bubble size, improve the quality of products, is a kind of both has persistent foam suppression and has fast defoaming performance of high efficiency defoaming agent fine bubble elimination ability, inhibit sexual durable, do not produce needle hole, does not affect product stability. ( 2) : synthetic latex special antifoaming agent: synthetic latex special antifoaming agent to be used for synthetic rubber latex, the yao, rubber, natural rubber, natural rubber, synthetic fiber, synthetic resin emulsion, synthetic rubber foam degassing, water-based printing and coating adhesive glue, water-based high viscosity glue defoaming agent, etc. ( 3) : starch processing use defoaming agent powder: dedicated to starch processing, industrial washing powder antifoaming, dishes cleaning agent defoaming powder, washing powder antifoaming agent, beer bottle detergent defoaming agent, paint, cement, building materials, putty powder, powder XianDi agent. Feature: the defoaming agent factory research and development production of starch processing using defoamer series powder with polyether as the main raw material, with a variety of active additives. Defoaming agent for powder is a kind of efficient, fast defoaming and inhibit the long, low cost, high resistance to electrolyte and resistance to acid alkali, high shear, can eliminate foam containing water system; This product has solved the ordinary defoamer emulsion in high electrolyte, strong acid, strong alkali, high shear system easy demulsification failure of defect. Company research institutions developed specifically for washing powder special environment foam powder, it mainly through the specific structure of organic silicon and inorganic carrier through a specific device and spherical granular defoaming agent. ( 4) Printing coating defoamer: applied to printing coating ( Sticky mucilage) Emulsion polymers, polymer, dilute acid latex, etc. Low viscosity water-based state ( Water) Pulp, printing paste, Single for water-based slurry (bond The water slurry with) And low viscosity glue, foam system, etc. Features: easy to disperse in water system, the emulsification, defoaming, persistent, particularly of water-soluble polymer and suppression of high viscosity, low system has the special effect. Won't produce fisheye point and needle phenomenon. To eliminate the bubble, micro foam latex cuhk particularly effective, lasting, inhibit sexual miscibility good dispersion, no side effects, completely eco-friendly products. ( 5) : white emulsion defoamer: suitable for white latex production of the defoaming and inhibit; Features: low by modified polysiloxane, white carbon black, dispersant and stabilizing agent; Low at low concentrations can maintain good elimination bubble suppression effect; * can be used under different conditions of temperature and acid and alkali; Easily dispersed in water, fast defoaming agent; The compatibility of low and foaming medium; Low to prevent the growth of microorganisms.
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