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Water industry solutions of general defoaming agent defoaming agent

by:Sinograce Chemical     2021-01-18
A, water-based general defoaming agent features: organic silicon defoamer pure organic silicon, such as dimethyl silicone oil, no defoaming effect. But after emulsification, it quickly reduce the surface tension, use very small amount that can achieve strong to break the bubble and bubble suppression effect, become an important kind of antifoaming agent composition. Type silicone defoamer generally have high defoaming performance, the key to its use is silicone oil emulsion. Such as emulsification is not completely, the use of demulsification, affect the use effect. Commonly used organic silicon defoamer in silicon oil as base stock, with a suitable solvent, emulsifier, or mixture of the inorganic fillers. Organic silicon as excellent defoaming agent, remove defoaming power, particularly valuable is siloxane chemical stability, the physiological character of inertia, and high and low temperature performance is good, so get a wide range of applications. Because with hydrophilic silicone oil itself, so the oil soluble solution foam has a satisfactory effect. Organic silicon defoamer, belong to the strong ability of low toxicity, anti-oxidation, broken bubble defoaming agent. Silicone polyether silicon defoamer polyether defoaming agent, is introduced in siloxane molecules polyether segment of polyether - Siloxane copolymer ( Silicon ether copolymer) Polyether modified silicone defoamer is the organic combination of both the advantages of a new type of high efficiency defoaming agent. It is to choose has the inhibitor bubble ability of polyether and strong hydrophobicity, broken bubble quickly of dimethyl silicone oil as the main component and can make the silicone oil and polyether organic combination of emulsifier and stabilizer components such as antifoaming agent. It has a low surface tension, foam quickly, inhibit time is long, low cost, less dosage, wide application, etc. To polyether modified silicone, possesses the advantages of 2 kinds of defoaming agent, become a kind of excellent performance, has a wide application prospect of defoaming agent. In silicon ether copolymer molecular, siloxane segment is lipophilic group, polyether segment is hydrophilic group. Polyether chain segment of the chain of polyethylene oxide energy-saving provide hydrophilic and foamability, energy-saving provide hydrophobic polypropylene oxide chain and penetration, has a stronger effect to reduce the surface tension. Polyether chain side groups on the performance of the silicon ether copolymer has great influence. Common end groups such as hydroxyl, alkoxy. Adjusting the relative molecular mass of siloxane segment of the copolymer, can make outstanding or reduced silicone copolymer characteristics. Also, change the relative molecular mass of the polyether segment, will increase or reduce the proportion of organic silicon in molecular, will also impact on the performance of the copolymer. Silicone is used as the jet dyeing defoamer. Old dyeing process, the general application of dimethyl polysiloxane defoaming agent, can achieve satisfactory result of antifoaming agent, and the evenness of dyeing. But new dyeing process, the use of the high temperature and high pressure machine, in the machinery, dyed material movement, by dyeing liquid jet was dyed at the same time. Though the bubble can be made of common organic silicon defoamer defoaming, but under the high temperature and high pressure, the normal siloxane defoaming agent precipitation can produce thin film shape and make the stain spots, polyether modified silicone defoamer emulsion in water easily, also called & other; The emulsion type antifoaming agent & throughout; 。 Above its cloud point temperature, the loss of the water solubility and mechanical stability, and inorganic salt and acid and alkali, and can be used in harsh conditions of defoaming, widely used in high temperature dyeing polyester fabric, foam in the fermentation process. In addition, can also be used for defoaming diethanolamine desulfurization system and all kinds of oil, cutting fluid, unfrozen liquid, water-based ink system, such as foam, can also be applied to printing industry photosensitive resin plate making, wash not curable resin foam, is a very typical, excellent performance, a wide range of organic silicon defoamer. To improve the hydrophilic used in water-based ink, coating, cutting fluid, in the copolymer molecular polyether modified silicone parts replaced with long chain alkyl methyl, a defoaming effect can be more effectively. To make below the cloud point temperature can also have good defoaming, goods from type emulsion defoamer are usually equipped with dimethyl silicone oil & ndash; — — White carbon black paste, then under the cloud point temperature polyether modified silicone surfactants and can be used as emulsifier and scattered, dimethyl silicone oil emulsification.
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