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Waterborne polyurethane foam resin is introduced

by:Sinograce Chemical     2020-07-03
Water-based environmental protection resin, build a new ecological factory! Ordinary aqueous polyurethane resin manufacturers do foam layer when using need to cooperate with glue, surface are used together, make not only the result of the high cost, technology is complex, and PU plastic sense is stronger, skin feels bad. Our 52 series resin, can be a knife sticking effect, without glue without surface, can be achieved through the type paper different styles of grain. Technology is simple, genuine leather feels strong, soft and flexible, comfortable feel. On the suede leather after laminating, can achieve the first layer of skin effect, feel comfortable, skin feels strong; In fiber, imitation microfiber base material processing, can achieve low temperature resistance of twists and turns, - 25℃,2. More than 50000 times; In addition, the film ( Such as PET, PVC, etc. ) , the paper can be very strong sense of genuine leather. Our water-based foaming resin can be dry, wet foam, bubble hole evenly meticulous, surface smooth, embossing, blister, pattern molding clear, stereo sense is strong, excellent aging resistance, hydrolysis resistance, low modulus, high elongation; Low temperature resistant twists and turns, - 25℃,2. More than 50000 times. Waterborne polyurethane resin molecular chains contain duplicate carbamate. Waterborne polyurethane resin containing polarity strong ammonia ester bond, good bonding of cluster on the glass fiber. Combination of molecular chain segment soft segment and hard segment, so the film very good elasticity, good to fiber protection effect, membrane tenacity, elastic, protective effect of glass fiber is better than the other varieties of film formers. Waterborne polyurethane resin used in glass fiber, glass fiber infiltration agent waterborne polyurethane resin is usually composed of polyether, polyester, dibasic alcohol and isocyanate, first made from polymers, and chain extender chain extension, then add water dispersion was prepared. Through the adoption of different structure of glycol, different varieties of isocyanate and chain extension agent, can be adjusted by ammonia ester base intervals in the molecular size and proportion of soft segment hard segment and synthesis of waterborne polyurethane resin performance difference is very big. Waterborne polyurethane emulsion with its superior performance, become one of the fastest growing in the infiltration agent film-former a new type of film formers.
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