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Waterborne PU resin performance advantages

by:Sinograce Chemical     2020-07-06
Waterborne PU resin performance advantages: 1. Because the dispersion medium is water, so the nontoxic, nonflammable, no pollution, energy conservation and safe and reliable. Transportation safety, good working environment. Does not contain toxic - system NCO groups, the product has no toxic solvent residual, product safety, environmental protection. 2. Aqueous PU resin of wet permeability is much better than similar solvent free PU products, because of strong hydrophilicity of aqueous PU resin, water and therefore the combination of ability, the product has the very good moisture permeability. 3. Water as the continuous phase, waterborne polyurethane system has nothing to do with polyurethane resin molecular weight, viscosity and solid content than the same viscosity of solvent free PU is low, processing is convenient, easy to operate. 4. Waterborne PU resin system and other water-based latex blending or copolymerization blending, can reduce cost or get more diversified performance, excellent PU emulsion. 5. Waterborne PU resin film performance is good, adhesion strong, cold, water resistance, solvent resistance, abrasion resistance. Because of its hardness is adjustable, greatly broadens the application field of aqueous PU resin, hard water-based PU can be used as waterborne wood paint, floor paint, water soft water-based PU soft coating can be used as fabric finishing, and so on. Waterborne PU resin application fields: materials: PVC, PP, ABS, XPE, PU, PET materials, wood, cloth, paper, adhesive composite; Glue: automotive interior car interior coating glue ( Door panel, instrument desk, handrails and coated) , car interior flocking glue ( Store content box, sealing strip, backup tire cover flocking etc. ) 。 Flocking glue: available in a variety of plastic parts ( PVC、ABS、PU. 。 。 ) , sponge, such as pieces of metal material on the electrostatic flocking. Vacuum suction plastic, PVC, PVC) Software such as material and density board and particieboard, wood such as vacuum forming, the application in wenqi door, speakers, cabinets, computer desk board, etc. Metal, glass, stone, wood, rubber, plastic, fabric materials such as paint, Coating) As metal, glass, stone, such as coating, a surface enhancement brighten up, wear resistance, anti-aging, solvent resistance, corrosion resistance, high and low temperature resistance to acid and alkali resistance, such as the excellent performance. As a textile finishing, can feel soft and comfortable, waterproof breathable moisture permeability, color bright beautiful, anti-wrinkle preshrunk pilling resistance, and so on.
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