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Waterproof phone PCB - new technology Nano waterproof coating salt mist

by:Sinograce Chemical     2021-02-06
New material well in PCBA nano waterproof anti-corrosion coatings/coating in addition to using in the bluetooth headset, electronic cigarettes and other products, also can be used in mobile phone PCB circuit board waterproof, mobile phones have been developed almost to a hand, more and more rich APP on mobile phones are more dependent on, once made a lot of people a bow, mobile phones and the host's intimacy beyond partnership, sometimes almost have nothing out of the cell phone has become a common 'disease' of modern people. Anyway, all kinds of situation, all kinds of accidents. Nature is the most painful you scoop up the phone found it again already leave you, even if you are fighting skill), also can't save love machine from occurring. According to some well-known mobile phone manufacturer, to provide a broken mobile phone after-sales cost equals 7 mobile phone sales profits, small make up that can't afford to injury so well in the new material, waterproof phone PCB, especially the coating type waterproof technology is likely to be as the iphone 7 USES PCB coating waterproof and become a trend. As a manufacturer not only to the pursuit of profit, more should take the quality as heavy, because the quality is the lack of brand. Within a few minutes he since when we pick up in the strong alive is so lucky, at least save thousands of RMB, so the question comes, have this kind of material? Of course, that is the new material PCB nano waterproof coating, also called nano waterproof coating, nano waterproof liquid, is a kind of fluorine material, operation is very simple, simple to unbelievable, just need to have to stick the components of the mobile phone PCB soak into the nano waterproof liquid 5 seconds, take out after natural air, about 10 minutes, the product of PCBA surface can form a 2 - layer thickness Can achieve IPx5 4 um of nano coating, waterproof, waterproof enough for daily life, the new material PCB nano waterproof coating is now good scheme of electronic circuit board waterproof anti-corrosion, simple construction process, excellent waterproof performance life, good heat dissipation is the nano waterproof coating reveal the characteristics of the new material. In PCB new materials waterproof coating is a colorless transparent liquid product, moistureproof prevent wet anticorrosion in line with the eu environmental protection standard, RoHS, REACH 168 certification testing, can provide MSDS chemical safety data sheets. New material well in nano series of waterproof materials with various substrate PCB has good combining ability. In the PCB board surface electronic components surface form a strong protective film, effectively prevent electronics components on PCB PCB wading be affected with damp be affected with damp and acid and alkali salt corrosion. By soaking the construction method of the product penetration to electronic components of each small space, to achieve full coverage and parcel sex, then products will be fully three-dimensional waterproof effect. The operation is simple, only takes 5 seconds to soak out natural drying out 10 minutes at room temperature, without heating drying, without additional equipment. The cost is low, such as sports headphones, for example, 1 kg of nano waterproof liquid can be about more than 8000 processing PCB. Made waterproof after only when the individual components rework after welding in the use of brush to brush waterproof liquid solder joints. Much more concentration level products, suitable for different applications, can choose according to your specific requirements for quality applicable series, may choose again after the sample test. 9. Compared with the traditional phone exterior coating, PCB nano waterproof coating is not easy to man-made destruction, because is coated on the PCB surface directly, therefore more even more complete, low construction environment requirements, without vacuum environment. 10. Effectively reduce the service cost, improve profit margins, used in TIS - NM nano coating repair rate is decreased obviously after the mobile phone, according to relevant statistics show that the domestic mobile phone repair rate from 10% to 15% on average, after cost addition, nano coating cell phone based on PCBA sharply lower level of repair. Mobile phone PCB circuit boards nano waterproof operation process to prepare a can normal use of mobile phone we adopt the way of spray coating, nano waterproof liquid spray will be well in the new material to the PCB. On the phone PCBA hydraulic slide in order to test mobile phone desktop screen, here we will only test PCB bare partly submerged.
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