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Weifang HENKEL glue

by:Sinograce Chemical     2020-11-07
How HENKEL glue weifang weifang HENKEL glue colorless or pale yellow oily liquid, dissolved in water is transparent. Pva water-based adhesive, vinyl acetate, water-based adhesive, acrylic water-based adhesive, polyurethane water-based adhesive, water-based adhesive, water-based phenolic epoxy adhesive, organic silicon water-based adhesive, rubber water-based adhesive. Weifang HENKEL glue how three, pur hot melt adhesive machine in rubber considerations: 1, the installation and use of pur hot melt adhesive machine, other debris must not be placed on the body or used as padding instruments. 2 acrylic ester copolymer emulsion with monomer is usually divided into three classes: polyvinyl alcohol: structured - CH2CH( 哦) ] n -; Polyvinyl alcohol is a kind of not monomer polymerization and water-soluble polymer is obtained by polyvinyl acetate hydrolysis, referred to as '. 2. According to the application of classification: its main drawback is that there are unsaturated double bonds in molecules, poor light and oxygen aging resistance. Packaging used in water-based adhesive, water-based adhesive, car use water-based adhesive, shoes, daily use water-based adhesives water-based adhesive weifang how about HENKEL glue has a good emulsification, dry wet, scattered, decontamination and antistatic ability, has good hard water resistance. 3. According to the classification of solvent properties of water-soluble and emulsion adhesives and modified based on natural rubber elastomer as the main body, cooperate with viscosity-enhancing resin, softener, stabilizer, fillers and crosslinking ( Sulfide) Agent such as the complex mixture of additives, due to the natural rubber has both high cohesion strength and elasticity, and can very good miscibility with many viscosity resin, get high viscosity and good wettability of glued materials, so the natural rubber is ideal type of pressure sensitive adhesive main body material. 1, water-borne polyurethane ( APU) Adhesive APU is water instead of organic solvent as a new type of polyurethane dispersion medium system, also known as polyurethane or water-based polyurethane water dispersion of polyurethane, river systems. Waterborne polyurethane with water as solvent, no pollution, safe and reliable, excellent mechanical properties, good compatibility, easy modification. How about weifang HENKEL glue in order to improve the flame retardant in the dispersion of pressure sensitive adhesive, enhance its compatibility with pressure sensitive adhesive, can undertake some processing of flame retardant, common have greatly enhanced, surface activation and microcapsule, etc. The production line process step-by-step, but each working procedure is with hot melt adhesive for solid by liquid cooling time involved is great. 5. The APU adhesive non-toxic pollution-free, high molecular weight so that it can form good performance of the adhesive film, it has good low temperature resistance, good flexibility, adhesive ability and the advantages of wide range of physical properties of the film can be adjusted; Flexible chain, has in its molecular structure shows good impact resistance, fatigue resistance, low temperature resistance, also has the design, the performance of rubber from the flexible and rigid arbitrary adjustable, can meet the demand of adhesion between different materials; Is comparatively mature methods for the preparation of aqueous polyurethane adhesives, mainly has the following several ways: weifang HENKEL glue how don't try to spin out the hot melt adhesive surface of the skin. Made from natural rubber pressure-sensitive adhesive can almost all kinds of pressure sensitive adhesive products. And, in the box is not installed clapboard, sealing strength is greater than that of using tape sealing with diaphragm sealing intensity, can reduce the cost of diaphragm. Weifang HENKEL glue
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