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What are some of the water-based ink printing conditions

by:Sinograce Chemical     2021-01-21
In water-based ink is specially designed for soft printing, intaglio printing machine, coating machine and the design of water-based ink formula, need to meet the following conditions can use printing. 1, printing equipment, flexo machine, intaglio printing machine, coating machine, equipment requirements: 2 with drying of printing equipment, printing speed within 30 - More than 180 m/min 3, substrate: 1) Cattle paperboard, white cardboard, corrugated paper, coated paper, coated paper, from the type of paper, paper cup, etc. Various kinds of paper. 2) LDPE, HDPE, BOPP, PVC, PET, PO and other kinds of plastic film, breathable film, heat shrinkable film. 3) Thin non-woven 4) 4 woven cloth and finished products range: 1) Carton, paper cups, paper bags, paper, adhesive paper, etc. 2) Plastic bags, packaging, protective film, roll film, diapers, etc. 3) Non-woven packaging, masks, and other products. 4) Cement bags, feed bags, chemical bags, woven bags products have more printing conditions can be used in water-based ink printing, in more than 10 experienced r &d team, can be customized according to the requirements of water-based ink formulations, this printing effect is good or not only save printing cost.
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