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What are the advantages of vacuum nano coating?

by:Sinograce Chemical     2020-12-26
Vacuum nano coating a number of advantages: 1. Vacuum nano coating of green environmental protection skills such as the development of the intention is to prevent the use of electroplating skills and cause a series of questions such as: environmental pollution 'three wastes' emissions and harmful heavy metals disposal and environmental questions. And environmental protection nanometer spray plating skills, there is no these questions, it does not contain harmful heavy metals, is a safe means of painting skills. 2. Low investment, less capital vacuum plating method of nanometer coating system is no longer as in the past that consumption of labor. Compared with plating equipment investment is small, no equipment of waste water disposal system. In comparison, electroplating capital for 40 - / square meter 50 yuan, and nanometer mirror coating capital for 4 - / square meter 10 yuan. 3. Operational security vacuum nano coating equipment is brief and safe operation, the operator not carefully onto the hand or other position of the body, also won't have any damage. Intrusive and shape of the machined part is not affected by volume constraint plating skills big-ticket items difficult operation, and environmental protection nanometer spray plating can spray different dimension is not the same as the shape of the goods. 4. Color diversity of vacuum plating nanometer coating skills of commodities as well as pure chromium coating surface effect, also can spray a variety of other color, such as: golden color, coppery, antique gold, gun metal color, red purple, green and blue wait for all sorts of specular highlights, a variety of color can do whatever you want. 5. The size of the widely used vacuum nano coating to metal, resin, PP + PS carbon resin, plastic, glass, ceramics, acrylic, wood, plastic wood, phosphorus, magnesium, calcium plastic spraying, cement and other materials. Can be widely used in automobiles, electrical appliances, skills, computer mobile phones, accessories, senior furniture, such as a variety of exterior decoration profession, which can be produced a variety of new career.
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