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What is a nanometer? What is a nano coating?

by:Sinograce Chemical     2020-11-16
Nanotechnology is a unit of length, the original said 'nanometer, is 10 - 9 ( 1000000000th of a meter) 。 Nano science and technology, sometimes referred to as nanotechnology, is the study of structure size between 1 to 100 nm range of material properties and applications. Nanometer materials refers to the size is smaller than 100 nm, 0. 1 - 100nm) Ultrafine particles with small size effect of the zero dimension and one dimension, 2 d and 3 d the floorboard of the material. Formed in the mid - 80 - s, the concept of nanomaterials due to nanomaterials will show special optical, electrical, magnetic, thermal, mechanical, mechanical performance, such as nanotechnology permeated various fields of material quickly, become a focus of the world scientific research. On the surface of nano coating and function that the traditional vacuum coating technology, can be used or with a little modification, realize nanometer material composite coating. In high hardness, wear resistance, nano phase is added to the coating can improve the coating hardness and wear resistance, and high toughness. Adding nanoparticles to the surface coating, can decrease the effect of friction coefficient, form self-lubrication material, and even get super lubrication function. In some coating compound C60, bucky tube, such as super lubrication new material is prepared. Coating the introduction of nano materials, can significantly improve the material of high temperature resistance, oxidation resistance. Such as, nano Ni - La203 coating on the surface of Ni deposits, due to the effect of nanoparticles, prevent the short-circuit diffusion of nickel ions, improved the growth mechanism of oxide layer and the mechanical properties. Nanometer material coating can improve the corrosion protection of substrate, surface modification and decoration. Join the nanoparticles in the paint or coating, can further improve the protection ability, resistance to atmospheric, uv radiation, so as to realize the degradation, its effect and so on; In addition, also can be in building materials, such as sanitary ware, interior space, appliance, such as using nanometer materials in the coating, sterilization, cleaning effect.
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