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1. What are nano coatings?

Nano coatings are invisibly thin layers developed in light of the principles of nano technology. When surfaces are covered in these layers, they gain various properties. Some of these are:

Water and oil repellency

UV resistance

Resistance to various issues such as scratches, impact, mold, fading, and oxidation

Prevention of bacterial growth

Resistance to harmful chemicals

Due to these properties that improve the functionality of treated surfaces, nano coatings are widely applied to a range of materials, products, and structures with the aim of prolonging their lifespan and increasing their ease of use.

2. What are the advantages of nano coatings?

Surfaces that are treated with nano coatings gain various qualities such as liquid and stain repellency or resistance against scratches and chemicals, depending on the nature of the material. Thanks to these qualities, consumers can use nano coating-treated products more easily and smoothly, prolong the lifespan of their personal belongings or home/vehicle surfaces, and increase the financial efficiency of their purchases. These products, which become much easier to clean due to the nano coating application, gain durability against various damaging factors, hence decreasing the time and effort consumers put into the cleaning and product care processes. 

3. How are nano coatings used for this purpose?

Many types of natural and synthetic materials widely used in our daily lives are prone to UV degradation. Nano coatings that offer UV protection can be used to prevent sun damage in various products and structures, especially those made of rubber, wood and PVC. These types of nano hydrophobic coatings are specifically developed with the aim of protecting surfaces against UV degradation.

When UV-protection nano coatings are applied to surfaces that are frequently exposed to sunlight, this invisible layer acts as a shield and prevents problems such as fading, wear, and cracking. Nano coatings are widely applied to wooden furniture, textiles and leathers, boat surfaces and vehicle paintwork for this purpose.

4. Applications of nano coatings

As surfaces treated with nano coatings become liquid and dirt-repellent, stain formation is prevented and the cleaning processes of these surfaces become easier. Even materials that typically cause the toughest stains cannot be absorbed into the deeper layers of the surface thanks to the nano coating that acts as a shield, hence sliding right off the surface. Due to the hydrophobic properties created by the nano coating, dirt cannot bond to the surface and is easily wiped away without requiring traditional cleaning processes.

Nano coatings are widely used for this purpose on textile products, car care and detailing procedures, personal belongings and home surfaces. For instance, suede shoes treated with a nano textile protection product can simply be wiped clean even after being exposed to dirt and mud. The same principle applies to nano vehicle surface protection products; they form a durable, long-lasting layer over the paintwork, preventing external factors such as rain, mud, lime, hard water, bird droppings, chemicals and gravel from forming stains and damaging the surface.

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