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What is raw material for pressure sensitive carpet adhesive in Sinograce?
You make a worthy investment when you choose our pressure sensitive carpet adhesive . It is of the right quality and the right performance you want thanks to the use of the right materials and the right technology. We only collaborate with trusted raw materials suppliers who share our values - Quality, Reliability, Integrity, and deliver excellent, safe, and long-lasting materials. We also do the strict testings on the raw materials before putting into production to make sure they are free of harmful substances and are certified to international quality and safety standards. The overall quality and performance of the final products are determined by the raw material. We have never compromised on this matter.

Regarded as a dependable manufacturer and supplier, Anhui Sinograce Chemical Co., Ltd. has become the preferred choice of designing and manufacturing waterproof coatings. The water based pu paint series is one of the main products of Sinograce. The production process of Sinograce associative thickener is strictly carried out. It has passed through cleaning, mounting, welding, surface treatment, and quality checks. Its color is not easy to fade over time. The product comes with essential features like Plug and Play option and USB connections, which are both PC and Mac compatible. This product has no smelly odor and is non-toxic.

Environmental sustainability is the ultimate goal for us. We will adopt preventive measures to eliminate or reduce pollution at the source whenever feasible.
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