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What is the difference between nano coating and vacuum coating?

by:Sinograce Chemical     2020-12-27
Commonly referred to as coating, in general thickness is somewhat thick, micron level, for example, the cutting tool made of plating on TiN coating, thickness to above 1 micron, we can also call it the membrane layer. And decorative coatings, such as black, gold, white, rose gold, these can be said as a coating. Do this kind of coating equipment we called coating machine, usually ion coating machine. There is also a film layer, we called film, are generally of nanoscale, vacuum nano coating is mainly used in optical film. Doing this kind of thin film devices we also known as vacuum coating machine, usually thermal evaporation coating machine or magnetron sputtering coating machine. Coating ( 涂层) Is an application of coating of solid membrane continuously, is for the sake of protection, insulation, decoration and other purposes, coating to metal, fabric, plastic substrates such as plastic sheet. Coating for gaseous, liquid, solid, usually according to the need and the types of the decision matrix coating spraying state. Coating benefits as follows: 1, resist oxidation, prevent dirt, scratches, lasting sheen. 2, surface coating to maintain long-term maintenance. 3, different luster. No matter how many dust attached to the surface, impurity, flash also can see. 4, all cars outside can use. 5, and is not affected by external atrocious weather, use as usual. 6, can be repeated use. Originally have plating film can continue to surface coating of the car, further play a protective effect. So that it is going. 7, dung, insect-resistant. 8, strong hydrophobicity.
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