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What is the fineness of water-based ink?

by:Sinograce Chemical     2021-03-04
Water-based ink fineness is refers to the composition of the pigment particle size, pigment grinding the more toner is fine, whereas fewer grinding is more thick. In water-based ink manufacturers in the production process is according to different base material and printing machines, with different fineness of paste mixing different water-based ink. On general high-speed printer with ink fineness is & le; 7 um fineness; Medium-speed printing with ink fineness is & le; 10um; On low speed printer with ink is & le; 12um。 Specific according to different fineness of substrate, printing speed, anilox roller parameters such as line number will be some adjustments. Grace in water-based ink series reference fineness of carton is as follows: ordinary & le; 12um; Mid-range & le; 10um; High-grade & le; 7 um paper and ink: ordinary & le; 12um; Mid-range & le; 10um; High-grade & le; 7 um paper and ink: & le; 7: um adhesive ink & le; 10 um: woven bag ink & le; 10 um: non-woven ink & le; 10 um plastic film ink: & le; 5um
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