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What is the line between water-based ink?

by:Sinograce Chemical     2021-03-04
Line between grace in water-based ink is used for notebook line between printing ink, is designed for notebook products of water-based ink formula, suitable for printing on flexo printing machine. It is made of water-based acrylic resin, latex, pigment, other special additives, with bright color, crisp lines, drying quickly, waterproof, impermeable, etc. Grace in the line between the technical index of the water-based ink appearance: color liquid viscosity: 15 to 25 seconds fineness: & le; 10 um printing speed: 60 200 m/min PH: 8. 5± 0. 5 color error: & plusmn; Within 5% of the line between grace water-based ink printing effect method of use: to fully stir well before use, to ensure that the composition of water-based ink. More than the rest of ink to seal save, prevent dust fall into and crust. To avoid high temperature during storage or sun exposure, in normal conditions, can be stored for a year is not bad.
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