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What kind of ink printing paper straw use?

by:Sinograce Chemical     2021-02-18
Paper straw products are made from biodegradable kraft paper, can be printed on the surface of the beautiful design and decorative pattern, very beautiful and environmental protection. In such a need to contact with food products printing design, need to use that kind of printing ink? Well think should use environmentally friendly water-based ink in the printing, the printing ink on the market now is mostly ink containing amine, smell stimulation endanger human body health. And grace in water-based ink was mostly water-based acrylic resin, printing ink, water-based additives and water. It is a safe non-toxic, without excitant odour, no harm to human body health, comply with ROHS environmental protection requirements, to meet the requirements of food packaging printing ink. Grace in water-based ink manufacturers have a more than ten years experience of research and development team, specially designed for paper straw products a water-based ink formula. After the paper straw water-based ink printing on printing quality available 100 degrees of boiling water, pure ethanol soak not rub off. The effect of water-based ink printing paper straw
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