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What's with the cartons waterproof light oil?

by:Sinograce Chemical     2020-12-20
Carton waterproof light oil is important in the process of production of carton processing material, in addition to protect the printed surface, increased the resistance to wear, also can increase the gloss or matte effect, it is important to prevent rain and damp, protection on the surface of the printing ink, appearance and strength of the cartons. The main components of the cartons waterproof light oil is composed of water, acrylic resins and additives, environmental non-toxic, low prices, has excellent flow flat resistance, abrasion resistance and water resistance, fast drying speed, stable performance. In the carton, cartons, paper bags, paper cups, paper and other paper products printing polish with oil. In the process of choose and buy, need to pay attention to: ( 1) Smell the smell the smell of the carton after waterproof light oil film, film under normal after smell is smaller, the better the quality. ( 2) See color carton waterproof light oil is a milky liquid, but it is difficult to distinguish the color depth to the naked eye, pour a small amount of light oil can be put in good transparency glassware, or the coating were observed in the surface of white paper, color is more shallow, the better the quality. ( 3) To measure how much solid content and solid content of the quality of light oil, printing and packaging enterprises in purchasing cartons waterproof light oil may take a few dry weight. Light oil weightlessness during drying is less, the better, if there is excessive weightlessness, excessive moisture content, solid content is less. ( 4) Observation into membranous, respectively, in the white paper coated on the surface of a thin layer and a thick layer of water-borne light oil, observe whether thin layer is even, thick layer is cracked. If a thin layer of leakage on the bottom, explain quality is poorer, if appear crack, thick layer is too hard, easy to make the glazing after printing quality produces & other; Critical edge & throughout; Phenomenon. ( 5) Pay attention to the ratio of printing and packaging enterprises should according to their own conditions for which the product structure reasonable or custom of choose and buy, the carton waterproof light oil can achieve ideal effect, also can save the cost of production.
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