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Where does that leave acrylic emulsion

by:Sinograce Chemical     2020-07-13
Nearly two years, the domestic market of water-borne acrylic resin emulsion manufacturers capacity expansion, the current market competition is intense, products, such as the 369 is uneven, the majority of small and medium-sized manufacturers face greater pressure to survive. So want to get rid of the predicament, emulsion enterprises must seek industry innovation, timely grasp the hot demand. Treasure island coatings market analysis, the current window and the change trend of development of acrylic emulsion market, are for reference only. Really stone paint with silicone acrylic emulsion are promising in recent years, really stone paint texture paint more and more get the welcome of the broad masses of customers. The corresponding main film forming material - really stone paint Silicone acrylic emulsion production is increasing year by year. Silicone acrylic emulsion in really stone paint texture paint additives in 6 - About 13%. Really stone paint has a mild, effective cover fine crack, crack more, sound-absorbing, good flexibility, impact resistance and other advantages. In addition to the rich expressive force really stone paint, stereo sense is strong, good plasticity, its hardness is more than that of granite can reach more than 15 years. According to data shows, 1 - this year April the national real estate residential investment 1. 6887 trillion yuan, increased 6. 4%, and increase growth. 8%. Residential investment accounts for the proportion of real estate development investment for 66. 5%. New residential building really stone paint come forward market of environmental protection, and other Green & throughout; “ Low carbon & throughout; “ Environmental protection & throughout; A really stone paint the main goal of the enterprise development today. The existence of the rigid demand that the implementation of the large area of residential investment will bring really stone paint industry greatly market opportunities, so really stone paint broad prospects for the development of the market, and the development value extremely. Water-based colorful coating is rapidly developing water bag water color paint is popular in recent years, a new type of coating is water-based latex paint to join to the gelation of water-soluble coating dispersed and continuous phases, when two phase mixture in gelation particle contact surface, the forming process of multiphase suspension. Compared with the traditional really stone paint, water package of water type and colorful paint color stability is better than that of really stone paint. So in recent years, water-based colorful coating has also been gradually replace part really stone paint market share. Compared with natural stone material, water package of water type and colorful coating possesses the advantages of light weight, the use of water package of water type and colorful coating weight is only 1/6 of the ordinary really stone paint, brick of 1/20, 1/40 of the dry hanging stone, far less than stone weight, therefore very suitable for spraying on external thermal insulation wall, etc. , to replace the traditional stone material, improve the security. At the same time, the price is the 1/3 of dry hanging stone - 1/5 of the economy and do not break stone effect, has certain cost-effective, simple and feasible construction. With organic silicone modified acrylic resin to produce colorful stone coating with excellent weatherability, pollution resistance, chemical resistance character, is one of the important direction of the development of Chinese architectural coatings. Because water bag with water as solvent and colorful coating has a non-toxic, safety performance is good, low carbon environmental protection, construction convenient, etc. Water-based colorful coating technology on the market at present is already relatively mature, as a high-end product of architectural coatings, water-based colorful coating application market in the field of building external wall is in a high-speed growth period. Popular new net flavour paint coating market today, environmental health net flavour products have become the main demand of consumers, & other; Net flavour paint & throughout; Has become a popular vocabulary in the field of building materials and decoration. The earliest net flavour paint concept originated in Japan, is refers to can purify the air smells and toxic effects of functional coatings, and the coating itself was almost zero toxicity. At home, because the country has not about & other; Net flavour & throughout; Kind of coating of relevant standards and requirements, on the market & other; Net flavour paint & throughout; Mostly just itself has almost no smell, or taste ultra-low can quickly send out. Even so, also is the consumers choose and buy. At present, several large emulsion production enterprises have launched its own net flavor series products. As environmental protection series products, market outlook is generally positive. Micro emulsion market change state at present stage a series of policy limit high volatile paint production and sales, the environmental trend under the influence of coating will be more broad development space. Water-based acrylic resin are the most active market remains architectural coatings, wood coatings. Under the drive, waterborne industrial anti-corrosion coatings also began its process. In new technologies such as organic silicone modified development of marketization, the amount of acrylic acid emulsion really stone paint, texture paint in rapid growth, to take the place of the exterior wall coating part of market share. On this basis, an upgrade version really stone paint colorful coating market share gradually replace really stone paint, colorful coating because of its excellent performance, the future demand for acrylic emulsion is increasing year by year. The arrival of the second painting market, inside wall emulsioni paint of choose and buy more and more high to the requirement of environmental protection, net series products arises at the historic moment. In addition, part of the silicon a crylic-acid, hybrid modified acrylic emulsion was also trying to use in metallic paint, anti-corrosion coatings, such as. In the face of the market situation of excess supply, the limited market share, small and medium-sized enterprises to steadily healthy development, must understand the market, find market development trend, through the market demand for new economic growth point.
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