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Why Sinograce water based adhesive glue is priced higher?
Higher prices indicate that the quality of water based adhesive is higher than other products. In addition to the use of high-end raw materials, we also introduced advanced technical equipment to be applied to the production process. We have been working with reliable material suppliers to make our products cost-effective.

Specializing in the R&D, design, and production of surface active agent, Anhui Sinograce Chemical Co., Ltd. has been regarded as one of the most qualified manufacturers. The polyurethane paints series is one of the main products of Sinograce. Sinograce metal coating is under constant control in respect of safety and compliance with applicable international refrigeration system standards, as evidenced by the CE certificate of conformity issued. This product meets the requirements of the VOC standard. The maturity process technology, standardized production and strict quality control system are the guarantee of the quality of Sinograce's products. This product is UV stable and is not affected by the strong light.

In order to reduce the overall environmental impact of our products and activities, we have made many efforts. We have made progress in low energy usage and resource conservation.
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