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Why spraying uneven when use glue? Water spray adhesive

by:Sinograce Chemical     2021-03-13
Many workers in the construction, always meet the glue spraying uneven, scattered don't open. This will lead to parts of the glue is too thick and the parts is a serious lack of glue, will eventually appear all sorts of problems, and spraying uneven, scattered don't open the following reasons: 1, the pressure of the spray gun is too low, lead to can't intact spraying out glue suggested measures: raise the gun pressure, normal pressure range 6 & ndash; 8 kg pressure. 2, gun fault suggested measures: replacement or repair spray gun. 3, glue viscosity is too high. Due to formula of the water spray adhesive spray adhesive degree is high, not good out of spray gun suggested measures: use thinner, adjust the glue viscosity. 4, construction environment temperature is too low, the glue viscosity suggested measures: to raise construction site temperature or low temperature resistant varieties change spray adhesive.
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