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Why with water-based ink printing plastic film before corona treatment?

by:Sinograce Chemical     2020-12-09
Surface is rough and increase its wettability of polar solvent - The plasma by electric shocks and penetrate into the surface of the printed body destroyed its molecular structure, and will be processed on the surface of oxidation and polarization, ion electric erosion surface, so that increase the adhesion ability on the surface of the substrates. After water plastic printing ink, plastic film products not only product quality to achieve the color bright, clear and lively, rich layers, stereo sense is strong, the printing effect, and the printing ink must be strong, can withstand friction in the field of circulation, ink layer does not fall off, don't rub off. But due to the high density of plastic film, the surface is smooth, not easy to accept, plastic ink infiltrate, printing eligibility of this kind of non-polar polymers were some reasons. So have to pass more than 38 dyne corona treatment of plastic film to print out the ideal effect.
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