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Why would appear when using glue wiredrawing phenomenon and solution water-based glue

by:Sinograce Chemical     2021-02-28
When using glue in wire drawing mainly has two reasons: 1, the glue has not yet reached the bonding time. Most customers to use glue, are often just immediately after brushing glue adhesion, so after a period of time, such as will appear the phenomenon of wire drawing. Adhesion of the objects on 2, with thick dust, it also affect the bonding between the glue. Solution: 1, for is caused by the glue did not work and wiredrawing phenomenon, we can pull open the drawing part when processing to brush on glue, brush good glue object will stand for 90 ~ 120 seconds and then to glue, you push hard on the adhesive part, you can. 2, because if the adhesive part with dust caused by bonding wire drawing, we need to glue pull open, will be the place where the glue stains or dust cleaning, brushing glue to glue again.
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