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Winter use water-based glue problems and solutions for water spray adhesive

by:Sinograce Chemical     2021-02-25
Must often use spray adhesive customers how many will face such a problem, it is during the fall and winter seasons, previously used spray adhesive thicken, hard coating, brought a lot of inconvenience for production. Today we have to get to know the causes of this phenomenon and the solution. The causes of this phenomenon is mainly include the following: 1, autumn and winter seasons alternately, the temperature decline gradually, and unstable, spray adhesive liquidity will be increased as temperature decreased gradually, especially when the temperature falling fast, spray adhesive is thick, it is easy to appear the phenomenon of spray; 2, in use process, plastic barrels do not pay attention to block, especially on the day of the finished product is not used, long time in the open state, the volatile solvent in spray adhesive, leading to thicken phenomenon; 3, after spray adhesive thicken, good quality glue to spray. Gun quality is poor or not often clean, gun pipe wall Chen Jiao conjunctiva, poor caused by pipeline, it's easy to have a hard coating phenomenon. Water-based glue solution; 1, when air temperature is lower, the appropriate high spray adhesive in the temperature of the environment, or to choose add antifreeze spray adhesive. 2, in addition, there are add antifreeze spray adhesive, smell smells slightly larger than the ordinary products. So when using spray adhesive, pay attention to the ventilation, keep the glue spraying workshop well ventilated; 3, in the process of spray adhesive used, packaging barrels to keep seal, in order to reduce unused in the spray adhesive solvent evaporation; 4, choose good quality spray gun, pay attention to the spray gun cleaning and maintenance.
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