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Woven bag analysis woven bag equipment the development of water-based ink manufacturer

by:Sinograce Chemical     2020-12-17
Luke woven bag water-based ink manufacturer known, at present our country has been a whole into a period of product structure adjustment and improve the innovation ability. Also with the cement bag bag equipment development in our country and other large capacity improvement and development of the packaging bags. With the iron drum, wood, straw bag, bag and multilayer paper bags, seam after development to today's new material, new bag of cement, type of come a long history. The development of world advanced woven bag equipment has present a set of machine, electricity, gas, liquid, optical, magnetic, as one of the momentum, the production of high efficiency, energy conservation and recycling of products, the practical application of new and high technology, intelligent has become a trend, it should also be woven bag equipment mainstream development direction of our country. In terms of product structure adjustment, to change as soon as he is given priority to with low technical content, woven bag water-based ink manufacturers recommended to learn foreign advanced technology, development and production of high efficiency low energy consumption, production and sales of large complete sets of equipment and high-tech products, according to the national conditions to develop suitable packaging equipment, accelerate the upgrading of packaging machinery, further develop domestic and international market. Woven bag equipment plastic woven bags, plastic woven machinery status quo and development direction in the late 1970 s, China imported plastic woven bag, then introduced the weaving equipment. Subian packaging with its strong and durable, the advantages of lower cost, simple manufacturing process, quickly applied to many fields, especially for the large capacity of transport packaging. According to Luke woven bag water-based ink manufacturer known plastic woven bag used for cement packaging started in 1982. Hundreds of plastic woven production line imported from different countries, which is relatively complete, with higher levels of complete sets of equipment have just ten. Since the mid - 80 - s, zhejiang, jiangsu and other places in our country has successfully developed and mass market, domestic equipment for plastic woven bag equipment in China make a great contribution to the development of packaging industry. In the 90 s, subian packaging got rapid development. By 1995 used in plastic woven bags of cement packaging has reached 5. 6 billion, accounting for two-thirds of the total cement packing. The implementation of the standard for cement bags, plastic woven bag production enterprises and plastic woven bags equipment manufacturing horse had a needle stimulants, various grades of plastic woven factory and plastic equipment factory sprang up. But from the weaving industry as a whole industrial structure and scale, there are scattered and small; Phenomenon, most businesses have only one production line. Difficult due to the small enterprise scale, production capacity is insufficient, in line with international standards, is difficult to form seriation woven products, difficult to achieve technological innovation. In recent years, many entrepreneurs see this, formed the subian group, have sprung up in some areas also subian city; Patterns such as loose cooperation organization. After years of optimal save bad tide; , make some have certain advantages, done right, the innovation strength of the enterprise stand, obtain development, also make many small enterprises withdraw from the industry. Luke woven bag water-based ink manufacturer analysis, compilation of plastic bag production in China is in a high-speed development period. But the product technology content is low, in the face of the requirements of orders from abroad, because of a lack of technology and equipment, can't. Look from the scale, scale of enterprises of jumbo bag, few enterprises with independent product development capacity, can only produce low, low value-added products, coarsely, simple performance. For production of high-grade bags such as food, chemical industry, aquaculture bag, the waterproof, breathable, mouldproof, sunscreen, safety flameproof, accord with environmental protection bags of many functions, such as bag and tray, has not advanced specialized equipment and testing equipment. Believe that our bag equipment production will be more on a floor.
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