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Woven bag water-based ink factory research and development of new type of woven bag printing ink

by:Sinograce Chemical     2020-12-17
According to well woven bag in water-based ink manufacturers know, our production of woven bags mainly for polyethylene ( PE) And polypropylene ( PP) These two, PP woven bag mostly white or pale, made into animal feed bag, chemical bag woven bag, cement bag, putty powder, vegetable mesh bag, etc. Although that are made by various chemical plastics, but its environmental protection sex is stronger, and recovery efforts. The widely used dosage of woven bag also greatly, in addition to recyclable bag itself to strengthen environmental protection, in the process of printing, also want to use environmental protection bag water-based ink printing can do real environmental protection, can be beneficial to the long-term development of the natural environment. A new type of environmentally friendly woven bag printing ink has been successfully developed by well woven bag in water-based ink manufacturer. Is woven bag printing ink for plastic woven bag printing design, trademarks, text on a water-based ink, it is made of water-based ink factory research and development production, and is made of high quality acrylic resin, pigments, water and fertilizer scattered through full grinding and become, is environmental protection non-toxic, without excitant odour, burning explosion and damage the printing worker's health, not volatilize harmful gas pollution environment. Product has good liquidity, strong thermal denaturation, friction resistance, excellent adhesion, good chemical resistance, quick drying, bright colour and lustre is light, no corrosion printing roller, etc. Can be widely applicable to all kinds of plastic woven bag printing. Now the market is most use woven bag printing ink solvent ink, due to the solvent ink contains a lot of toxic solvents, serious damage to the human health and environmental pollution, do not conform to the requirements of environmental protection, Luke woven bag water-based ink manufacturers recommended in order to the long-term development of the natural environment must be replaced to promote environmentally friendly water-based ink printing.
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