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Xiangyang glue distributor in Germany

by:Sinograce Chemical     2020-12-07
Dealer hot melt glue glue distributor xiangyang xiangyang Germany Germany collagen material resin by subject, viscous tree, thinner, or with the softening agent of oil, add ingredients, such as inherent smell smell of hot melt adhesive is an important raw material sources, such as most of the EVA is a little hint of acetic acid taste, and synthetic rubber also has its own taste, only the shade is different, the resin viscosity resin viscosity resin in the smell of turpentine, and C9C5 resin have their different tastes, even the whole hydrogenation resin, also has its own smell, just our sense of smell may be aware not to come out, many other raw materials also smell, tints, only intensity difference. 3, food packaging industry: in recent years, food safety more and more get the attention of people, our life is also true that there are too many unsafe food, milk powder, rice, cooking oil, dead pork, fake, and expired mooncakes, expired milk, etc. , and even some domestic famous brands, propaganda 'victory by wisdom, victory by Germany' big companies are selling tainted milk, China user who really don't know what to believe and who should not trust, the whole image of the Chinese brand hit hard. Smell, especially is faulty, people would think is unsafe, so the food and drink beer manufacturer of hot melt adhesive were put forward such as no smell, no smell of glue lets the user feel safe, rest assured, the steadfast. In production, and many times is ink, glue and solvent viscosity add not constant, the printing ink, glue remaining number increase, the number gets bigger. 4, automotive interior industry: car, is the second largest industry as the leading industry, annual production of 22 million cars by 2014 above, China is power from the car to the car power shift. Car interior environment, people can't stand more and more harsh indoor environment, car brands made the car interior environment standard, standard for VOC. And VOC from auto interior materials, so the requirement of car interior trim stick or move hot melt glue VOC standards, require no volatile substances, demand has no smell. However, VOC standard car, but the smell also has many is unacceptable, VOC and the relationship between the odor becomes a research thesis. With adhesive to produce the parts, components, or parts of fixed on spacecraft. To explore the essence of smell: discussed here is the smell of the material, not a person's interest and meaning expression, such as the human spirit of temperament, smell. When used on clothing, get cool, hot melt adhesive machine is mainly made from rubber powder, poly acid amine to further manufacture of resin lining. 1, smell concept: here are some representative should use: (3) a variety of surface stress of the sandwich plate; (4) construction is convenient, fast curing. Smell is to point to the object itself or send out the flavor. Bouquet: odor gas + =. Gas is gas, volatile matter, it is a substance that is usually small molecules, so easy to turn into gas. Taste is sensory perception, be equivalent to sensors, refers to the molecule in the senses ( Sensor) After the surface produce the quantity change ( Physical quantities can be electric, magnetic, optical, length or volume, ion flow, molecular flow, etc. ) Through to the CPU (the signals produced by, The brain) 。 So the smell is not refers to a substance, but the process of interaction between material ( From baidu encyclopedia) 。 Smell is a kind of feeling people foreign in material objects, different people have different feeling to the same kind of material, by the people's eating habits, work experience, education degree, personal preferences, the influence of such factors as a like the smell of another person may hate, a people hate the smell of others can be very like, really for all tastes. Sour, sweet, bitter, spicy, salty, is to be mixed, by feeling or sense of smell and feel. Xiangyang German glue dealers in the production process, hot melt adhesive may also have a new source of odor, through the production process control can achieve the goal of reducing odor. Fast curing, and improve the efficiency. To press the hot plate into plastic barrels, size of lifting cylinder pressure should be from small to large, may not directly use the high pressure gas, prevent accidents, pay attention to the safety of the operator. Material as the temperature rises, the volatile gas concentration grows, are smell the smell of the heavier, vice scent is light. Usually volatile substances smell, the smell of heavy metals and other inorganic small. Smell is the inherent nature of the material, is one of the important features, material can be evaluation. In the manned and unmanned spacecraft adhesives are widely used. Xiangyang German dealer threw a pity the residual ink, glue and again bad to use, their performance has been changed to a dark and poor flowing property, impurities, scraping clean produce bubbles.
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