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Xuzhou henkel sealing glue direct selling

by:Sinograce Chemical     2021-02-08
Xuzhou henkel sealing glue direct xuzhou henkel sealing glue direct but the basic performance can be roughly divided into two categories: the emulsion performance and mechanical properties of the pressure-sensitive adhesive. 3) By bonding surface treatment: hot melt adhesive for bonding material surface treatment no other adhesive is so strict, but be dust on the surface of the adhesive material, oil should also do the appropriate processing, their best to make the hot melt adhesive glue. But with in the process of actual operation, there are many factors is not the company's control, such as: work environment, climate conditions, operations management, the moisture content of wood and tree species selection, quality of the object is sticky, pressure time and pressure conditions, sizing method, sizing and mix proportion, etc will affect the bonding effect. ( 2) Life activity of adhesive adhesive development activity includes two categories: soft woven adhesive and hard tissue adhesive. 3) Homework time: homework quickly is an important characteristic of hot melt adhesive. Hot melt adhesive homework time generally in 15 seconds, with modern production mode - — The widely application of the assembly line for hot melt adhesive and shorter operation time. Products without solvent under UV/visible light can be cured within a few seconds. 4) Resistant temperature: hot melt adhesive are more sensitive to temperature. The temperature reached a certain degree, hot melt adhesive began to soften; Below a certain temperature, hot melt adhesive will become fragile, so choose hot melt adhesive must give full consideration to the environment temperature change. If the expiry date, the inspection can still use the indexes in scope. 5) Sticky: hot melt adhesive sticky points late early viscosity and viscosity. Only late early viscosity and viscosity is consistent, can make the hot melt adhesive and the adhesive stability. In the process of production of hot melt adhesive, shall guarantee that the oxygen resistance, brine resistance, resistance to acid, alkali and a plastic. Xuzhou henkel sealing glue direct selling 4, mobile or handling pur hot melt adhesive machine, you must first cut off power supply, make the pur hot melt adhesive machine pressure plate glue and glue the barrel cooling can move. Hot melt adhesive is a kind of plasticity strong adhesive, and the adhesive can be adhesive, and a variety of substances can changes with temperature changes in the nature, after curing adhesion, adhesive strength is big, so many industries can use this kind of adhesive. If the adhesive is for ordinary families, the quality is not important. If it is used in the industrial field, requires attention to quality, so how to determine the quality of the hot-melt adhesive? Xuzhou henkel sealing glue direct marketing also includes the construction performance, color performance and so on. Hot melt adhesive machine should have proper hardness ( As a general rule, be HS78o ~ 90. 1, can under the professional instrument for testing analyzing the composition of hot melt adhesive, so that we can get the accurate data. The emulsion performance refers to some basic properties of emulsion itself, such as: solid content, pH value, dilution stability, mechanical stability, viscosity, pH stability and so on. Xuzhou henkel sealing glue direct selling
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