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Yantai adhesive equipment imports

by:Sinograce Chemical     2021-01-01
Yantai yantai glue equipment import adhesives provide the pressure sensitive performance is the important equipment of soft monomer monomers, proportion in the copolymer, such as 2 - butyl acrylate and acrylic acid Ethyl ethyl ester is, can account for 85% of the total monomer mix. Packing books in late only early viscosity and viscosity is consistent, can make the hot melt adhesive and the adhesive stability. Too much instead of molten refers to its low melting temperature of the glue, liquidity is good but lower bond strength. Appearance white granular pale yellow flakes yantai import adhesive equipment in the following table: the composition of pressure sensitive adhesive. In the production process, hot melt adhesive may also have a new odor sources, through the production process control can achieve the goal of reducing odor. Melting point ( ℃) 70 - 84, 65 - Shape to the yantai import adhesive equipment points: 78 can be divided into hot melt colloidal particles, hot melt adhesive stick, hot melt adhesive, hot melt glue, hot melt glue powder, etc. 5) Sticky: hot melt adhesive sticky points late early viscosity and viscosity. The smell of hot melt adhesive from the hot melt adhesive itself, is the essential characteristics of hot melt adhesive, from raw materials, production process, the influence of the circulation. The viscosity of 2500 - 3500, 5500 - 6500 yantai import adhesive equipment in the production of hot melt adhesive, shall guarantee that the oxygen resistance, halogen resistance, resistance to acid, alkali and a plastic. Hot melt collagen material resin by subject, viscous tree, thinner, or with the softening agent of oil, add ingredients, such as inherent smell smell of hot melt adhesive is an important raw material sources, such as most of the EVA is a little hint of acetic acid taste, and synthetic rubber also has its own smell, just different shades, viscosity resin in the resin viscosity resin has the smell of turpentine, and C9C5 resin have their different tastes, even the whole hydrogenation resin, also has its own smell, it's just our sense of smell may be aware not to come out and many other raw materials also smell, tints, only the intensity difference. Four, polyurethane hot melt adhesive machine daily operation safety precautions: you may need to know about 5 gallons moisture reactive polyurethane hot melt adhesive machine 6, remove or move pur moisture protection device of reactive polyurethane hot melt adhesive machine or replace manager components before, must first cut off power supply. Hardness is 78 - 82, 65 - 75 tackifier viscosifier is the main assistant EVA hot melt adhesive. General tackifier has rosin and modified rosin, 138 or 145) , C5 petroleum resin C9 petroleum resin, terpene resin, etc. Yantai import adhesive equipment test result is pressure sensitive adhesive can stick 5 ball.
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