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Yantai henkel packaging adhesive price

by:Sinograce Chemical     2021-01-02
Yantai henkel packing adhesive price yantai henkel adhesive price of polyacrylate is used much, its production has more than natural rubber pressure-sensitive adhesive. Use hot melt adhesive sealing speed, the bonding process only need 1 ~ 3 seconds to complete, suitable for mass production, less energy consumption, low cost. Standard corrugated carton sealing of hot melt adhesive costs about 32 1000 yuan/box, this is the middle of the hot melt adhesive price, and tape seal in the middle of the price is about 120 yuan / 1000 cases. Hot melt adhesive machine of softening degree requirements at 80 ~ 90 ℃. In the process of heating for a long time, do not produce adhesive solution change color, in use process surface crust. No matter when ship assembly is glass fiber reinforced plastic, wood or metal structures are used adhesive. If use hot melt adhesive, highly processed adhesive will not cause downtime; While replacing tape need downtime. And, in the box is not installed clapboard, sealing strength is greater than that of using tape sealing with diaphragm sealing intensity, can reduce the cost of diaphragm. Aircraft manufacturing is also widely used sealants, especially seal tank of polysulfide sealing materials. The choice of the hot melt adhesive: yantai henkel packaging plastic price 3, move or lift the polyurethane hot melt adhesive machine, only allow you to use the base as handling focus, may not take advantage of the stroke cylinder pur hot melt glue machine, electric appliance, the door is on the control panel of the electrical components or insulation pipeline plastic pipes for auxiliary and to raise the hot melt adhesive machine, improper handling can damage pur hot melt adhesive machine spraying equipment. Thus directly affect the printing, composite cost. At present, the domestic do adhesive manufacturers have thousands of home, in front of the interests of many businesses shoddy, and hot melt adhesive with different affinity of different adhesive materials. In order to make better play to the 'sticky' hot melt adhesive, adhesive industry experts warm reminder, when choosing hot melt adhesive should carefully consider the following factors: the solventless silicone coating can be hot curing or moisture curing. 1) Healthy environmental protection: inferior hot melt adhesive often USES recycled materials or inferior raw material, or in the process of the system of plastic formation pollution, or process defect cause gum is not pure, hot melt adhesive containing solvents prone to make finished products or impurity moisture or easy to volatile substances. For the food industry, are lethal damage. Yantai henkel glue packaging price, environmental protection, high efficiency, low cost, simple process of the development of the reactive flame retardant has great prospects for development. Other applications are rectifying device and honeycomb sandwich plate edge from the pressure seal joint. 2) Color: by the color of the adhesive material is different, color requirements for hot melt adhesive should differ. If it be adhesive content itself to the color no special requirements, it is recommended to use yellow hot melt adhesive, generally speaking, yellow hot melt adhesive is better than white sticky. Due to consumption of silica gel is a refined and after sterilization, can be directly when mixed with the food and drug according to the requirement and guarantees the drying of food and food to eat together, but without any poison to the human body. With the characteristics of chemical resistance and easy to repair. Yantai henkel packaging adhesive price 2, polyurethane hot melt adhesive machine, when to take off the bucket, filling the air pressure should be from small to large pressure slowly, under no circumstances do not allow direct use of high pressure gas directly to take off the barrel, avoid the accident. Each 8 - 58 'rogue bombers, about 420 m2 of adhesive panel, its structure including the nitrile - high peel strength and good resistance to high temperature Phenolic adhesive bonding of components and oxygen - with ring Nitrile adhesive bonding of aluminum skin cellular pieces.
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