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Yingkou import plastic packaging equipment

by:Sinograce Chemical     2020-12-10
Yingkou import plastic equipment yingkou import packaging plastic packaging equipment in accordance with the provisions of GB/T 2792. Secondly inserted the glue stick glue guns, turn on the juice and turn on the switch. By this time will bright lights on the glue guns, glue guns in heating condition. Generally only need to wait a few minutes later, glue guns can hit the glue. Oxidation - - Reduction system is made up of two or more components. In addition, food purification silicone also meet the requirements of the FDA. Prolong the service life of the glue guns silica gel: is a kind of multifunctional sealant, wide operating temperature range ( - of up to 600 of 76) 。 Used to make their own DIY design you have very different glue guns and decorate, DIY designer generally not long time use, recommend the use of glue guns for DIY friends together to design good work first and then glue glue gun. Yingkou import packaging adhesive equipment a bisulfite persulfate initiator system, for example, you can through the following reaction generates free radicals: 1. 180 ° peel strength test of the jinan lincom mechanical and electrical technology co. , LTD. (XLW series intelligent electronic relay testing machine According to the GB - 17200 - 97 manufacturing) 。 About 25 kinds of adhesive is suitable for automobile assembly, each typical amount of motor vehicle use glue is about September 8. The reason is very simple, if you are using a glue gun, glue gun long time heating, gun body has been heated glue flowing slowly. If too little glue gun body, and inside is empty, it will be very easy to burn out. More than ten minutes generally don't use or power supply, avoid burn out. Technical indicators glue after draping, drying temperature for 80 ~ 110 ℃, depending on the requirement of the product and the draping speed adjust packing and storage solvent laminating adhesive editing features solids 50 + / - 1% ( 105℃±1. 5℃/ 3 h) Brush or roller coating glue is 20 kg, 50 kg bottled preparation editor to add polymer gel of liquid increased adhesion agent, curing agent can get pressure sensitive adhesive products. Epoxy resin is very hard, with chemical resistance and weatherability. Pay attention to safety when using yingkou import packaging adhesive equipment has good flexibility, folding, no crack viscosity of 3000 ~ 5000 mpa. S health and safety of 20 kg, 50 kg bottled please don't mix with other products, not finished product should be kept sealed. Universal sealant is very good, has the good weather resistance, wear resistance, resistance to moisture and ozone. 3, checking and adjusting pur don't remove the moisture reactive polyurethane hot melt adhesive any parts of the machine unless you have enough knowledge of equipment performance. Glue gun is to use the principle of heating melting glue and the glue, this feature makes the glue gun itself in part of the heating temperature is very high, must be protected when using, or exposed to high temperature part is easy. Even ready protection measures also need to be careful in use process, avoid. Adhesive structure applied in automobile industry are: (1) body and roof reinforcement plate; (2) double shell roof; (3) both inside and outside board hood; (4) brake shoe (5) of the clutch and transmission belt; 6. The window seal; All landowners plastic baffle; Today disc brake friction lining block; Pet-name ruby glass fiber reinforced plastic ( 玻璃钢) Body panels ( Sports cars and trucks, attending the radiator tank; 11 plastic floor. Automotive adhesive must satisfy some special to beg, these requirements are basic has nothing to do with the performance of the adhesive joint, must be easy to use under the following conditions: (1) basic is not skilled workers, often frequent transformation; (2) the production rate is high ( 100 cars/h) Fixed time, each operation for short; (3) bonding surface only limit cleaning ( May also have oil) ; (4) to the health and safety standards allow lower limit; (5) curing time, pressure and temperature can vary slightly, and requirements and technological process of the lacquer that bake or match the material of low thermal deformation temperature; 6. Want to avoid the mixed accurate weighing and complex. Yingkou import packaging adhesive equipment test result is pressure sensitive adhesive can stick 5 ball.
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