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Zhangzhou adhesive distributors in Germany

by:Sinograce Chemical     2021-01-03
Adhesive adhesive distributors of zhangzhou zhangzhou Germany Germany dealer thermal reaction 2 h 75 ℃, and then reaction and add the rest of the monomer and initiator, control 4 - 5 hours add up, and then heat up to 90 - 91 ℃, the heat preservation cooling below 50 ℃, half an hour with ammonia water pH adjustment to 6 - 6. 5, stop stirring, discharging copolymerization emulsion. 10. If after drying glue have wiredrawing phenomenon of joint, then glue not dry, may be not enough temperature, drying time is too short, and the curing agent and too little or stirring evenly enough. Zhangzhou German adhesive distributors 5, pur hot melt adhesive machine, when to take off the bucket, the way is to five gallons of hot melt adhesive in barrel filling the dry nitrogen, avoid using not dry compressed air directly, if you need filling the compressed air, it is necessary to thoroughly dry compressed air. ( 1) In the structure of polyurethane resin part introduce hydrophilic group, the emulsification. 11. Water-based glue as long as the general besmear brushs a glue, if material is porous structure, can be two thin rubber, each must be dried before the second times adhesive, glue not dry property of stalemate, does to glue instead. Zhangzhou German adhesive distributors and check the usage of the dryer. Car interior environment, people can't stand more and more harsh indoor environment, car brands made the car interior environment standard, standard for VOC. 12. Using a dedicated chip shoes repair adhesive glue, small area filling adhesive at room temperature from dry 5 minutes can use hand pressure, large area to the oven, the compressor pressing. Zhangzhou adhesive distributors test for 2 in Germany. In unit mixer, constant pressure drop funnel, reflux condenser and the 250 ml of the thermometer three flask, add 2. Ethylene alcohol and deionized water 90 g 5 g. And VOC from auto interior materials, so the requirement of car interior trim stick or move hot melt glue VOC standards, require no volatile substances, demand has no smell. 13. Using water-based adhesive to be equipped with the following tools: zhangzhou German adhesive distributors but, VOC standard car, but the smell also has many is unacceptable, VOC and the relationship between the odor becomes a research thesis. 一个。 Pneumatic or electric mixer b. Plastic glue container c. Plastic plastic container. Zhangzhou German adhesive dealer attending bowl of residual glue, glue don't fall back to the packing barrels, so as to avoid pollution of the glue glue in the bucket. Below small make up is detailed to introduce the product sell like hot cakes on the exhibition. Zhangzhou adhesive distributors zhangzhou German adhesive distributors in Germany
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