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Zhanjiang henkel glue price

by:Sinograce Chemical     2021-01-04
Zhanjiang zhanjiang henkel glue henkel glue price price isooctyl acrylate: structured: CH2 = CHCOOCH2CH ( C2H5) C4H9; Acrylic acid - 2 - Ethyl ester is also called isooctyl acrylate, 2 - for short 16. ( 1) In the structure of polyurethane resin part introduce hydrophilic group, the emulsification. The epoxy - Acetal - glass, available Phenol, nitrile - Modified epoxy, phenolic or from: with a temperature of about 1500 ℃. ( 2) Acetone method: first made high viscosity polymer, plus acetone viscosity reduction, with a hydrophilic monomer, chain extender, join the water under the high speed stirring, through strong shearing action to disperse in water, emulsion after vacuum distillation recycling solvent is made of PU water dispersion system. Five, the pur hot melt adhesive machine during the installation safety precautions: b, moisture near the pur reactive polyurethane hot melt adhesive machine working or hold pur hot melt adhesive glue barrel, be sure to pay attention to whether or not they wear safety work clothes, gloves and goggles. 1, must pay attention to when using product evenly coated in the glued surfaces, glued surfaces must be dry, clean, without oily coating construction can proceed, it will affect the normal adhesion; Structural adhesive is a high strength ( - > compression strength 65 mpa, steel Steel is the adhesive strength > 30 mpa, shear strength > 18 mpa) , can bear larger load and ageing resistance, fatigue resistance, corrosion resistance, stable performance in life expectancy, applicable to withstand strong structural adhesive bonding. ( 3) Sealing and isocyanate method: choose the blocking agent of the right to water sensitive side - isocyanate NCO groups protected, make its loss of activity, add extender chain agent and crosslinking agent, a total of milk made from latex when used by a certain temperature and special catalyst demasking, generating - NCO terminal base, chain extender to the preparation of waterborne polyurethane rigid or flexible printed circuit boards, cannot leave the adhesive. Water-based coating glue with water as solvent or polyurethane acrylate resin through specialized emulsification equipment, emulsion. Its advantage is: many varieties, environmental protection, low prices. Zhanjiang henkel glue price through the use of various modification methods, the development of polyacrylate emulsion pressure sensitive adhesive with each passing day. New product development with hot melt adhesive joint lining cloth furniture sealing side is on fabric surface evenly Xu Bu made of hot melt adhesive. For easy, jie of pressure-sensitive adhesive, peeling without loss, not hard for a long time will not dry up, the characteristics of Lord of acrylic ester monomer, at the same time of the second monomer, and introduced a variety of functional group monomer, through repeated experiment and reasonable adjustment technology formula, selection and create a good comprehensive performance of multivariate copolymerization of acrylic ester emulsion pressure sensitive adhesive, can be used in the need to transfer coating process of production of double-sided tape, label paper etc. Now there are a lot of coating is done with water soluble glue, such as general water soluble PA, water soluble PU and leather adhesive, oil wax feeling, the feeling of color paste and other functional material. Water soluble with its functional and environmental protection, and the price is low, will be the future direction of coating. Defect is poor film-forming, washing fastness, PU can't stick hot glue. Zhanjiang henkel glue price with all kinds of new type synthesis of acrylate monomer, at the same time will have the special function of the introduction of polyacrylate emulsion pressure sensitive adhesive system components, get different performance products, is bound to broaden its application domain, the functionalization, diversification direction development. In addition, the stress on the components of coating epoxy resin adhesive and organic chain, in order to reduce the influence of shock and vibration.
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