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Zhaoqing whole series of rubber sealing equipment

by:Sinograce Chemical     2020-12-17
Zhaoqing whole series of sealing plastic equipment zhaoqing whole series of sealing plastic equipment, hot melt adhesive machine in appearance, in addition to used in color printing paper when you need to add the corresponding pigment, general and high grade rubber or film surface is smooth, shiny, no rough milky white or pale yellow solid impurities. 2, can also be observed in appearance, if the hot melt adhesive glue type, do manual work is coarser, then the quality. 3, can put the hot melt adhesive melts tested on tensile strength, tensile strength of hot melt adhesive is not qualified. Hot melt adhesive observe whether there is a powdery material after melting, if there is a powdery material specification packing, adhesive performance is poor. With heat resistance performance, good quality hot melt adhesive, you can put the hot melt adhesive in zero or more than 40 degrees respectively environment for testing, if there are brittle, soft gelatin said quality is bad now. So, over the past 20 years, this kind of pressure sensitive adhesive is developing very rapidly, and have replaced the dominance of natural rubber pressure-sensitive adhesive. Such can be divided into polyamide hot-melt adhesive (EVA hot melt adhesive PA) , polyester ( PES) , polyethylene ( LOPE and HDPE) And polyester amide ( 豌豆) And so on, this kind of adhesive has passed five achievements appraisal, complete national '>' research, 'five-year' research project in hebei province, won the national invention, tianjin, hebei science and technology achievement prizes at the three a, won the national invention patent. At present good quality hot melt adhesive can be used in the field of industrial manufacturing, heat resistance performance and flame retardant performance is guaranteed, the current can reach the quality requirements must be big brand products, such as ke, Moore, focus on the study of the hot melt adhesive, provide customized hot melt adhesive application solutions, wide range of USES, can be applied to new energy, military industry, aviation, shipbuilding, electronics, automobiles, instrument, power supply, high iron, and other areas of the industry. 5. 13. 4 have cool and gathering acid amine type hot bright plastic aluminum plating film transfer paper plastic editor coating performance is good, high bonding strength of PH 7. 0 to 8. 0 the health and safety in use process should be tightly covered at any time, in case the glue liquid crust, do not entry should be paid attention to, can not let the child contact antifreeze, will destroy the performance under 0 ℃ storage for a long time operation performance is good, easy to besmear to brush, easy to clean, wet cloth to wipe off the glue PH 5. 5 to 7. 0 by all sorts of acrylate monomer copolymerization of acrylate copolymer and is an important type of resin pressure-sensitive adhesive. In general: industrial glue has high strength, large temperature range of applicable temperature, viscosity range, low price, easy production, and other characteristics. Although some hot melt adhesive at the time of operation will be some smell, but is completely disappeared after curing, so the hot melt adhesive is safe, can be used in electrical parts of adhesive. Zhaoqing whole series of sealing glue device ( 3) Compound modification to improve some properties of the waterborne polyurethane, and other water-based resin such as epoxy resin emulsion, urea-formaldehyde resin, such as blending, made the new water-based adhesive, its performance is improved. Stirring edge heating, heating to ( 80±1) ℃, polyvinyl alcohol completely dissolved. Hot melt adhesive is a kind of plasticity strong adhesive, and the adhesive can be adhesive, and a variety of substances can changes with temperature changes in the nature, after curing adhesion, adhesive strength is big, so many industries can use this kind of adhesive. If the adhesive is for ordinary families, the quality is not important. If it is used in the industrial field, requires attention to quality, so how to determine the quality of the hot-melt adhesive? Building adhesive for space development and utilization of industrial space is more and more big, all kinds of vehicle such as space adhesive is widely used in spacecraft, the space shuttle, due to its a bad thing, have special requirements on the performance of the adhesive. When the viscosity is too large, hypersaturated state, liquidity is poor, cannot be evenly dispersed, but appeared together, easy to pile up together. Zhaoqing whole series of rubber sealing equipment
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