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Zhoushan henkel food-grade plastic agents

by:Sinograce Chemical     2020-12-15
Zhoushan henkel food-grade plastic agents zhoushan henkel food-grade plastic agent is short for hot melt adhesive, hot-melt adhesive is an important category of adhesive industry, solid content, no solvents, environmental non-toxic, fast curing characteristics, widely used in automatic packaging, hygiene products, labels, tape,, automotive, construction, furniture, printing and binding, footwear, clothing and other industries, usually is refers to the present solid at room temperature, when heated to a certain temperature and melt into sticky liquid, after coating, wetting is sticky material, after pressing, after cooling to room temperature, in a few seconds to complete adhesive bonding. This product belongs to the goods, the transport in accordance with the product transportation rules, completes the antifreeze in the process of transportation, The temperature should be greater than 5 ℃) , prevent the rain sunlight exposure, etc. Its advantage is good film forming, good color fastness, pu can stick hot glue, is the current commonly used coating glue. Most of the base material has good caking property and high strength. Note please stir well before use, the effect is better. Please avoid and some polyester lacquer paint construction at the same time. Listed above the product performance and application of information to the long-term practical experience and gained by the certain experimental conditions, reference for users when choosing products and operations. But with in the process of actual operation, there are many factors is not the company's control, such as: work environment, climate conditions, operations management, the moisture content of wood and tree species selection, quality of the object is sticky, pressure time and pressure conditions, sizing method, sizing and mix proportion, etc will affect the bonding effect. Therefore, it is recommended that the user before use, according to the instructions, to do small sample test first, to ensure that the product to you the applicability of the specific purposes [ 1] Defect is due to the use of the oily solvent, so environmental protection lacking a bit, especially now that oil prices, oil solvent prices soaring all the way, most of the coating glue due to the cost is too high, so use more bad of the oily solvent, leading to environmental protection is not up to standard, in addition with the national environmental standards to further improve, so for environmental requirements of the coating adhesive is higher and higher. 3. Water-based glue in addition to the PE and PP materials, suitable for shoes fit between the use of all materials. Aluminum plating film transfer paper glue edit very durable, it is mainly used for aerospace and industrial the sealing of the window. Product use hot melt adhesive application fields of 2, can also be observed in appearance, if the hot melt adhesive glue type, do manual work is coarser, then the quality. The viscosity of 2500 - 3500, 5500 - 6500 furniture food purification silicone edit one-component adhesive, and metal surface contact instantly after curing. Suitable for BOPP, PET substrate transfer of aluminized layer to the paper combined with the zhoushan henkel food grade glue agent is to use hot melt glue by heating the hot melt adhesive, hot melt adhesive machine melt glue after become a kind of liquid, by hot melt adhesive machine hot melt rubber hose and hot melt glue gun, to be adhesive surfaces, hot melt adhesive cooling after completed the glue. ( 6) High temperature resistant adhesive high temperature resistant polybenzimidazole, organic silicon resin glue ( Resistance to 500 ~ 6000 ℃ and inorganic glue ( Resistance to above 1000 ℃) Give priority to, and in the 21st century, high temperature resistant adhesive with sleeve structure block polymerization into adhesive for development key. Hot melt adhesive, consists of main resin ( EVASISSBSSEBSEAAPEPO等) , viscosity resin, thinner or softening oil, antioxidant and other raw materials, according to a certain production process, heat melt, fully mixing, forming, cooling preparation. Product features to join softening point low viscosity regulator, can achieve good bonding when penetrating, stick to the purpose. Zhoushan henkel food grade glue agent its role is to increase liquidity in colloid, adjust the setting rate, to achieve the purpose of strong rapid binding, hot melt adhesive for big and won't be able to or not easy flow, difficult to penetrate into the book, is not to be strong.
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